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Organization of production
    The Company has firstly introduced the ERP management system in the industry to comprehensively solve problems in the control of production processes, effectively manage company resources, reduce manufacturing costs and ensure on-time delivery.
    In recent years, with special attentions to the production management, the Company has employed high-end management talents to form its management architecture and realize scientific management. It has also learned from Toyota and introduced its JIT management mode, as well as the concept of lean management, aiming at guaranteeing the high quality and production schedule, saving energy and building a good brand with excellent quality. In particular, the Company attaches great importance to the training of frontline production personnel. Benefiting from the Company’s corporate culture, the mobility of skilled workers always maintains at an extremely low level. Some key machine operators have served for the Company for more than five years. The regular training, low personnel mobility and highly-qualified production personnel have played a decisive role in the stable product quality.